Awesome Golf Drinking Game List For You And Your Friends


Can’t wait to get to the 19th hole? No need to wait until the end since you can throw back a few adult beverages during your round with a golf drinking game!

Get the golf puns ready because being able to drink and hang out with friends is just one of the many benefits of golf you’re going to enjoy! If you’re playing teams, don’t forget to choose a funny golf team name to add to the fun.

Alright, find yourself a designated driver, keep it on the fairway if you can, and try following the rules out there. Most importantly, have a great time with one of the fun golf games to play in this post!

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16 Fun Golf Drinking Games

Beer Bogey

The golf term “bogey” means your score on any given hole is one stroke over par. Beer bogey is just as it sounds, if you score a bogey, you take a drink.

You can play as conservatively as you’d like to. Each drink could mean a sip, gulp, shot, or entire drink! Beer is in the name but feel free to substitute for your drink of choice.

Beer Handicap

If you can drink your friends under the table, this game might be for you. To play beer handicap, keep score the same as you normally would. Then at the end of the round, each player gets to deduct one stroke for every drink they finished during the game!

Birdie Game

A birdie is when your score on any given hole is one stroke under par. The birdie game is simple, anytime someone in your group scores a birdie, the rest of the group has to drink.

Once again, adjust the rules to fit your group. If you want to take things easy, opt for taking a sip. If you’re ready to let your hair down, go for more!

If your group is more skilled and birdies are easy, switching the rules to scoring an eagle instead might be a good idea.


A chip shot is a type of golf shot that has more ground time than air, with very little carry and more time bouncing and rolling on the green. This shot often occurs within a few yards from the green.

Chip-in requires that if a player makes a chip shot into the hole, every other player must take a drink. This is a great reason to practice your chip shots!

Closer To The Pin

This drinking game works great on par-3 holes. Let everyone take their shot from the tee and whoever is closest to the pin wins! Everyone else has to take a drink.

Another version would be to have every player take a drink if their ball didn’t land on the green. Since executive golf courses are made up of many par-3 holes, this game would work well if you’re golfing at one.

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Highest Score

This game is as straightforward as it sounds. After each hole, the player with the highest score has to drink. This game would be better with more golfers so you have a lower chance of drinking every time.

Hold Your Beer

This is a fun game to play. Every player must hold their drink the entire time on the course unless they are hitting a shot. If you get caught without a drink in your hand, you have to take a drink.


Scoring an ace is a huge deal! For this game, if a player gets a hole-in-one, everyone else has to take a drink to celebrate.

Loser Pays

Loser pays is another game that is best played on par-3 courses. After every player takes their tee shot, figure out who is farthest away from the pin.

The loser has to buy the next round of drinks. This game is easiest played on par-3 holes but could technically be played on any hole.

Mulligan Madness

A mulligan is a do-over that is only used during casual play since these aren’t allowed in competitions. You get to replay your stroke from the spot of your previous stroke without penalty after you hit a bad shot.

In mulligan madness, a player must take a shot or a drink anytime they decide to take a mulligan.

Odd And Even

This game isn’t related to your score at all. Before the round starts, have each player choose “odd” or “even”.

Now every hole you are playing that matches your choice is a hole you have to drink during. You can take a shot or just a drink, as long as you finish it before the hole is over!

golf sand trap

Sand Trap

This game is just what you think! Every time you hit your ball into a bunker, you have to take a drink. It still counts each time you try to hit the ball out of the bunker and aren’t successful.


Everyone in the group who doesn’t want to drink must play from the tee box that is farthest away from the hole. Any golfer who wants to play from a closer tee box must finish a drink before hitting the ball.

Add a drink for each set of closer tees. This could get interesting!

The Fairway

The more players the merrier with this game. After every golfer takes their tee shot, whoever doesn’t end up on the fairway has to take a drink.

Water Hazard

This game is the same concept as sand trap. Every time you hit your ball into the water, you have to take a drink.

Always Drink Responsibly

While this post has some great ideas to liven up your game, it’s important to remember to always drink legally and responsibly. There is a wrong way to drink on the course and PGA Tour pro Harold Varner III offers some tips on how to avoid making those mistakes.

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