20 Benefits Of Golf That You Might Not Know


Have you ever wondered why people like golf so much? There’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular sports out there. Men and women all over the world experience many benefits of golf that you possibly haven’t thought of. There are positive physical, social, and psychological advantages to playing, which is why everyone should consider taking up the game.

In this post, I will go over some of the best reasons to play golf that all beginners should know when deciding if they want to learn how to play. Let’s get started!

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What Are The Benefits Of Playing Golf?

1. Experience The Outdoors

One of the best things about golf is where it takes place. Most golf courses are beautifully maintained and surrounded by trees, wildlife, plants, and other natural elements.

There are courses with ocean views, some that are green as far as the eye can see, and others with dry, sandy landscapes. Make sure to apply sunscreen and wear proper golf attire to protect your skin.

Well manicured golf course with trees and a lake

2. Spend Time With Friends

Plan a day out with friends you already have or form new relationships on the course. Golf is a great way to meet others who have common interests and there is plenty of time to spark up a conversation.

If you go alone but want to join other players, tell the employees at the clubhouse you’d like to join another group and they might be able to fit you in with a team of strangers that you can make friends with.

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3. Golf Is Versatile

Try to get the best score while competing with friends or play by yourself if you’d prefer. Since golf has a handicap system, it’s easy for players of all different abilities to compete against one another. Just make sure you know some general golf terms before you go!

4. Anyone Can Play

Men, women, and children from all over the world can learn how to play golf. No matter your ethnicity, age, or skill level, golf is available for anyone who wants to play. Kids love being in charge of keeping score!

5. Health Benefits

Not only does golf help you stay physically fit, but it offers other health benefits as well. According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, golf is associated with physical health benefits that include improved cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic profiles, and improved wellness.

6. Great Date Night Activity

Golf is a sport that men and women enjoy playing together. Many clubhouses have nice restaurants and if you happen to live somewhere where you can play in the evening under the lights, dinner and golf would make for a great date night activity. You could always play during the day and get a bite to eat afterward too.

Male and female golfer holding hands on the golf course while carrying golf club bags

7. Get Some Exercise

While golf is often thought of as a sport that isn’t incredibly active, there is more exercise involved than you might think. Most golf courses are spread over multiple acres of land.

If you don’t ride in a golf cart, all of that walking is a great cardio workout, especially when you pull or carry your clubs. Swinging to hit the ball with a golf club has a strong impact on your core and arms muscles too. Some golfers prefer using an electric golf trolley for their clubs but still walking for the exercise.

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8. Builds Character

Acting with respect and integrity is part of the basic rules of golf. How a player conducts themselves is just as important as knowing how to play. Golf builds positive character values such as honesty, responsibility, and fairness. It’s very easy to cheat but the true test of a player’s character is what they do when no one else is looking.

9. Feeling Of Accomplishment

Golf is a mental game that requires you to stay calm and control your nerves under pressure. You have to learn how to use 14 different clubs in different ways, and then adjust your swing for things like bad weather.

There will be many small achievements throughout the game, and finally sinking your putt into the hole leaves you feeling a sense of accomplishment like no other.

10. Eat, Drink & Have Fun

You’re allowed to bring food, snacks, and drinks while golfing. Most courses will allow you to bring alcohol (known as “swing oil” in slang golfer lingo) with you as well, although it might inhibit your performance if you are playing a serious game. So get your golf jokes ready and pack a cooler or bring a flask if you’d like to!

11. Family Bonding Time

Golf offers an opportunity for families to bond together and produce memories that will last a lifetime. It helps kids learn right from wrong, integrity, discipline, and respect. It’s played in a family-friendly environment and is a great screen-free activity for kids to enjoy. A par 3 course is a great place to go for a family game.

Father and mother with daughter smiling in golf cart writing down the score

12. No Age Limit

At only 11 years old, Lucy Li became the youngest player to qualify for the U.S. Women's Open. The record before that was held by Lexi Thompson who was 12. That makes it clear that children can learn how to play golf.

However, many people don’t even try out the sport until they are 50 or 60 years old. Countless seniors enjoy spending their retirement playing the game. It’s never too late to start.

13. You Could Live Longer

This Healthline article goes over a study that was competed where researchers found that playing golf regularly, at least once a month, was associated with a lower risk of death.

14. Practice Anywhere

You can practice golf anywhere. The driving range is a great place to start but you can also take lessons at a golf school, practice at home in your garage, outside in the yard, or even take online lessons in your living room!

15. Positive Atmosphere

Golf is all about traditions and respect and there are certain standards that players are expected to adhere to. Golfers are friendly and frequently wish each other luck on the course.

Proper golf etiquette includes respectful behavior, dressing appropriately, respecting the course, and playing with integrity. There is no room for negative behavior which is why it has such a positive atmosphere.

16. Excuse To Travel

There are luxurious hotels all over the world that have amazing golf courses on their resorts. Many people travel just to play at some of these places. Here is a list of 25 resorts if you want to see what I mean.

Tropical golf course with palm trees near ocean

17. Get A Good Night’s Rest

Several studies have shown that getting exercise and being more active during the day can make your body feel more tired when it’s time to go to sleep. That means spending a day outside in the fresh air on a golf course should help you get a good night’s rest.

18. Challenge Yourself

Golfers are always practicing and finding ways to improve different aspects of their game. You can set your own goals and challenge yourself to get better each time you play. Here are some inspirational golf quotes to get you motivated!

19. Reduce Stress

According to Men’s Health, being outside playing golf for a few hours lowers your levels of cortisol. This is your body’s main stress hormone which controls your blood pressure. It works with certain parts of your brain to control your mood, motivation, and fear.

20. Improve Business Relationships

Many important business meetings have taken place on the golf course. Golfing with an associate can be a good way to improve professional relationships and establish new business connections. You’ll have plenty of chances to network and build a rapport while having uninterrupted conversations on the course.

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