What Is A Good Golf Score For A Beginner?


When you are new to the game, it can be difficult to figure out if you’re shooting a decent score during a round of golf. Understanding what a good average golf score for beginners is will give you a way to gauge your performance against other players with a similar skill level.

Average Score In Golf For Women & Men

According to the Golf Channel, during the 2021 LPGA Tournament, professional golfer Nelly Korda ranked #1 with a scoring average of 69.07. Obviously when you are just starting out, your score isn’t going to be anywhere near that low.

When it comes to beginners, an average score after playing 18 holes for women golfers is 108, compared to 96 for an amateur male golfer. Many other websites list a good golf score as being right around 100, which is comparable regardless if you’re male or female.

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Scoring For Golf Is Usually Based On Stroke Play

How you keep score depends on what type of game you’re playing. Deciding between match play or stroke play might affect your strategy. During match play, each player gets a point for every hole they win and the object is to win as many individual holes as possible.

Golf tournaments are based on stroke play where you count every stroke and add them up at the end of the game. The winner is the player with the lowest overall score after 18 holes.

Some would say that it’s easier for a beginner golfer to have a chance at winning during match play since you are essentially playing 18 mini-rounds of golf. If you mess up and shoot a high number on one hole, you get to start over on the next one.

If you were playing stroke play, every one of those shots gets counted at the end of the game and would negatively impact your overall score.

How Much Does An Amateur Golfer’s Score Matter?

Since you can’t get a good score without knowing how to play well, you should focus on practicing your game before really worrying about your score. Working on skills like having a consistent golf swing will help get you scoring birdies in no time. Golf takes a lot of work to master and even the best players out there continue practicing so they can sharpen their skills.

Remember that everyone’s situation is different. Some people have more time to practice and more money for lessons and home equipment. People are made up of all different shapes, sizes, and skill levels. There are personal struggles and other aspects of a person’s journey that can all play a role in where they are at.

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Ways To Improve Your Golf Score

Practice Wisely

Certain golf courses have a higher difficulty level than others. It’s best to teach yourself how to play golf by starting small and playing on a par 3 or executive course. A par 3 course consists of all par 3 holes that are usually 150 yards or less.

Find Clubs That Work For You

Using golf clubs designed for beginners will make it easier for you to improve as quickly as possible. Especially since certain clubs are designed specifically for women so they can reach the desired golf club distance for each shot.

Take Lessons

You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on private lessons at a club. You can take professional online golf lessons from the comfort of your own home and go at your own pace. Just like any other sport, golf requires a lot of practice to get good.

Use Clean Equipment

Cleaning your golf balls and clubs regularly will help you maximize their performance.

Make Sure You’re Comfortable

Playing golf requires a lot of moving your arms and walking around outdoors. It can get hot on the course which means you’ll want to wear lightweight fabrics. Choose golf clothes that are comfortable and allow you to move freely so you can play your best game. You’ll want to choose outfits that fit well and are functional while following the guidelines for what is appropriate to wear.

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What Is The Average Golf Score By Age

Several years ago, MyGolfSpy completed a study of 4,000 golfers of various ages to show how the average golf scores varied.

Here Are The Results Based On An 18 Hole Golf Score:

Ages Average Score

20-30 89.7

30-40 91.7

40-50 91.5

50-70 91.0

> 70 93.2

Keep in mind this was just one study to give you an idea of how much things can change over time. The good news is your golf game might not get much better or worse as you age based on these numbers. That is also the bad news.

The most important thing is that you focus on your game, competing against yourself and that you have fun playing. You should never compare yourself to another golfer and determine your worth based on that assessment. A “good golf score” is subjective. You might not get a score like what’s listed above but you could improve your score by 5 points and that would be a “good” score for you.


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