Average Golf Club Distances For Women Golfers


There are some differences between how women and men hit golf balls, mainly because of our different body types. According to Golf.com, data collected in 2019 showed the average distance for male amateur golfers was 216 yards compared to female golfers who had an average distance of just 148 yards.

Because of this, men’s and women’s golf clubs are made slightly different. For example, women’s clubs have slender grips since our hands tend to be smaller. Our club lengths are shorter since men are typically taller, and there are differences with flexibility since women usually have a slower swing speed.

In this post, you will learn what the average golf club distances are for beginner women golfers. Keep in mind that these are just estimates since everyone plays differently, and people come in all shapes and sizes.

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What Is The Average Distance For Each Golf Club?

I created a graphic to make it easier to see all of the information in one place. Let’s look at the distances (source: USA Today Sports) listed for amateur women golfers and then I’ll go over each golf club in more detail below.

Distance For Each Golf Club Infographic

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Types Of Clubs

Each type of golf club has its own purpose and choosing the right one is key. There are woods, irons, wedges, hybrids, and putters. Putters don’t have anything to do with distance since they are used to putt the ball into the hole. Let’s go over the average distances for each of the types of golf clubs listed below.

  • Woods have the largest club heads and longest shafts. They are used for the longest shots and golfers can swing them the fastest.

  • Irons are numbered, usually 3 through 9, and generally include the pitching wedge. They have smaller clubheads than woods with angled faces that are etched with grooves. Irons have different loft angles which affect the trajectory and spin rate of the golf ball. They are used for shots requiring more accuracy than woods provide.

  • Wedges are a sub-set of irons since they have the same club heads but with severe angles for more loft. Wedges are the highest-lofted golf clubs. They include the pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge.

  • Hybrid club heads are a cross between a wood and an iron. They are numbered like irons and the number coincides with the iron they replace. Hybrids usually replace long irons and they are easier to hit.

Distance Averages For Amateur Female Golfers

The Woods & Hybrids

  • Driver: 180 Yards

  • 3-wood: 160 Yards

  • 4-wood / hybrid: 150 Yards

  • 5-wood / hybrid: 140 Yards

The Irons

  • 4-iron: 120 Yards

  • 5-iron: 110 Yards

  • 6-iron: 100 Yards

  • 7-iron: 90 Yards

  • 8-iron: 80 Yards

  • 9-iron: 70 Yards

The Wedges

  • Pitching wedge: 60 Yards

  • Sand wedge: 50 Yards

  • Lob wedge: 45 Yards

Now that you have a good idea of where a novice female golfer averages in distance, let’s compare to pro-women golfers. I’ll list the best average for each club according to GNN to give you an idea of the differences.

LPGA vs Beginner Golfer Distances (In Yards)

LPGA vs Beginner Golf Distance Graph

LPGA Tour player average distances:

  • Driver: 290 yards

  • 3-wood: 260 yards

  • 3-iron: 215 yards

  • 4-iron: 200 yards

  • 5-iron: 190 yards

  • 6-iron: 175 yards

  • 7-iron: 160 yards

  • 8-iron: 155 yards

  • 9-iron: 140 yards

  • PW: 120 yards

  • SW: 95 yards

As you can see, there is quite a difference between just starting out learning how to golf and being a pro-golfer who can teach the newbies how to play.

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Factors That Can Affect How Far Your Golf Ball Goes

Swing Speed

The faster your swing speed, the farther the ball will go.


According to Weather Works Inc, a golf ball will travel less distance in colder temperatures. When the golf ball and golf club are colder, the transfer of energy is not as efficient, so the ball speed will be less. Also, there is more friction and drag since colder air is denser than warm air.

Another weather-related reason is if it’s a windy day. This isn’t always a bad thing since the wind coming from behind could help your ball go farther.

Where You Hit The Ball

The closer you hit the center of the face of the ball, the more energy will be transferred to the ball, resulting in faster ball speed, which will lead to more distance.

Which Club & Swing You Use To Hit The Golf Ball

Since different types of golf clubs serve specific purposes, deciding which club and golf shot to use will determine how far your ball can go for that particular shot. It’s also important that you store your golf clubs properly and keep your equipment clean to ensure maximum performance.


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Types Of Golf Club Bags For Women

Why Is The Average Distance Of A Golf Club Important?

The farther you can hit the ball in one shot, the better chance you have at getting your ball closer to the hole sooner. Since the object of golf is to get the ball into the hole in the least amount of strokes possible, you’ll have a better chance at a lower score.

You’ll need a great short game for this to happen, but getting close to the hole early definitely helps your chances at recording birdies on a winning scorecard.

Try to get out and practice as much as you can. A driving range is a great place to go or you can even set up an indoor golf simulator at home!

As time goes by, you’ll figure out what your average is. Don’t get too caught up in the numbers in this post, they are only meant to be a guide. Every golfer is different and a beginner will naturally have different numbers than a pro who’s been at the game for a long time.

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