5 Steps For Storing Your Golf Clubs Properly


Even a beginner golf club set is a substantial investment. If you want your golf equipment to last, you have to take care of it properly. Storing your golf clubs the right way will keep them in the best shape possible.

In this post, we will go over how to store your golf clubs to avoid damaging them, which would ultimately impact your performance and your bank account.

Black golf club bag with golf clubs

1 - Decide Where To Store Your Golf Clubs

Moisture and humidity can cause golf clubs to rust, which is just one reason why it’s important that you store them in a temperature-controlled, dry environment. Frequent exposure to extremely hot or cold temperatures can cause the glue to weaken on your clubheads and grips, which could result in them falling off or the grips twisting while you are swinging.

Temperatures that are too cold can also dry out the grips and cause them to crack. The best place to store your golf equipment is in your house. A few options would be to set them in a closet, the corner of a room, or in a dry, finished basement.

Places Where You Shouldn’t Store Your Golf Clubs:

  • Shed

  • Garage (Unless It’s Climate Controlled)

  • Trunk Of Your Car

  • Damp Basement

  • Outside

All of these examples potentially expose your golf clubs to extreme heat, cold, humidity, and moisture, which could damage them.

Leaving your clubs in the trunk of your car is probably one of the worst places since driving around can also cause them to get dented or scratched from moving around. Not to mention that they could get stolen. Most auto insurance policies don’t cover stolen personal belongings, you would have to try your home insurance instead.

2 - Give Them A Good Cleaning

Before putting them away, make sure you clean your golf clubs properly. You’ll want to get all of the dirt and debris out of the grooves and clean the grips and shafts. There are golf towels you can buy to help with that.

This will not only make them look nice but will help them last longer and perform at their full potential. Using a clean golf club will help you hit the average shot distance that you’re meant to reach.

3 - Make Sure They Are Dry Before Putting Them Away

It’s very important that you dry your clubs completely before putting them in your golf bag. After you wipe them down, let them sit out for a few minutes to finish air-drying. Any dampness can lead to rust on your clubs and mold or mildew in your bag.

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4 - Protect Your Gear

Even though your golf clubs will be inside your home, they can still get damaged. Storing them in your golf bag is best since most bags have dividers that are designed to keep your clubs separated.

If you want to avoid the clubheads from banging together when you carry the bag, protect them with covers as an additional step. This is an also a good idea if you keep them in a closet that you use frequently.

You can also purchase a waterproof cover for your golf bag. This is a good idea to have since the weather can be unpredictable when you are out on the course. When it comes to storage, you can use the cover to prevent dust from collecting in the bag and on your clubs.


5 - Get Organized

Keeping your equipment organized will reduce the chances of it getting damaged and make your space feel less cluttered. Keeping your golf club bag on hooks or in a storage rack will not only look neat but will also prevent your bag from tipping over which could result in dings and scratches to your clubs.

Storage racks are nice because there are spaces to store other golf apparel and equipment like shoes and balls. If you have an entryway organizer for shoes and coats, that could work well too.


How To Store Golf Clubs Without A Bag

If you don’t have a bag or prefer not to use one for storage purposes, there are a couple of other options. You can buy a freestanding golf club rack or you could use a bin. When storing them in a bin, make sure to wrap the clubs in something like bubble wrap or towels to separate them in order to avoid any damage.


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