Best Golf Towels To Keep Your Equipment Clean


What Are Golf Towels Used For?

If your club is dirty when you’re golfing, you won’t be able to make clean contact with the ball while attempting your golf shot. The same can be said if your ball has debris on it.

Golf towels are mainly used to clean off your clubs or wash and dry your golf ball to improve your chances of getting a good golf score. When your equipment is clean, you will get more spin on the ball and have more accuracy and control of your shots.

There are other reasons why it’s a good idea to have one. The best golf towels can be used for not only cleaning your equipment but also to keep yourself cool and your hands clean.

It would be hard to find a pro golfer who doesn’t use a golf towel on the course. In this post, we will go over all of the reasons why you should bring at least one golf bag towel with you while golfing.

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Different Golf Towel Uses

Cleaning your golf equipment will help with the spin and accuracy of your shots. If you want to be on your best game, it’s important you keep your golf club and ball clean to maximize performance. Let’s go over different reasons you would use a dry or wet towel while golfing.

Reasons To Use Dry Golf Towels:

  • Keeping your grips dry is essential which is why you should always have a dry golf towel handy. If it’s hot outside, chances are your club grips will have moisture on them. A dry towel can be used to wipe them down so you can improve your grip on the club.

  • You might want to use a towel for extra grip. USGA states in their rules of golf that a “towel or handkerchief may be wrapped around the grip” of a golf club during play.

  • Having a dry golf towel is good to have if you are golfing in poor weather conditions. Wiping down your grip will increase the stickiness to allow you more control over your golf swing.

  • If the green is wet or covered with morning dew, you can use a towel to dry your ball.

  • Since many people golf in warmer weather, dry towels can be used to wipe sweat off of your hands so you can get a better grip on your club or putter.

  • Drying clubs will help reduce their risk of becoming rusty.

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Reasons To Use Wet Golf Towels:

  • It’s good to clean your clubs with a wet towel after removing lumps of dirt. It’s easier to clean out sand, dirt, mud, and grass from the grooves of your clubs with a damp towel. The longer you let it sit in there, the harder it will be to clean.

  • Cleaning muddy golf balls is essential to improve your shot accuracy and if you want the best chance at sinking a putt.

  • On a hot day, a damp golf towel can help keep you cool and protect your neck from the sun at the same time.

  • You can use a wet towel to wipe grass and dirt off of your golf bag or shoes as well.

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Why Do Some Golf Towels Have A Hole In Them?

The ring in a golf towel that allows for a clip to be attached is called a grommet. Many golfers find it convenient to use a carabiner clip to attach the towel to their bag, golf cart, or belt loop. Other golf towels have a hole in the middle so you can hang them from your golf clubs for easy access.

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What Are The Different Types Of Golf Towels?

A golf towel is usually made from either microfiber fabric, polyester, or cotton. Most durable golf towels are made with microfiber as the main material because it’s lightweight, cleans well, and dries quickly.

If you are bringing a damp towel to keep yourself cool, there are specific cooling towels you can buy that are made for that. Here are two examples:

The Best Golf Towels For Women: Our Top 3 Picks

The best golf towels are made of quality fabrics that will clean your equipment thoroughly which will allow for top performance.

Here are three of the highest-rated golf towels on Amazon:

1. Mile High Life Microfiber Waffle Pattern Golf Towel Set

This microfiber golf towel by the Mile High Life Store is our top pick. It’s highly absorbent, has a waffle pattern design that will help clean all of the dirt and debris away, and comes with a foldable divot tool and club brush.



  • TOWEL: Tri-fold microfiber with a waffle design. Size 16” x 21” with a heavy-duty aluminum clip/carabiner that conveniently attaches to your golf bag.

  • FOLDABLE DIVOT TOOL: Size 2 3/4 inch x 1 1/4 inch x 1/2 inch. Pop down button for easy unfolding. Full metal with a magnetic ball marker that attaches to the divot tool, push down to pop and reseat.

  • CLUB BRUSH GROOVE PICK: Wipes off tough dirt easily for any iron/wood clubs. Sharp pick for dirt in grooves. Soft and firm grip designed for any weather conditions. A retractable zip-line can be attached to the bag.

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2. Greens Towel 3 Pack Golf Towel Set for Golf Bags with Clip

This microfiber golf towel made by Greens Towel is super-absorbent, plush, and comes with an easy-to-use carabiner clip.



  • MICROFIBER GREENS TOWEL 3 PACK - Size 16” x 16” which can conveniently be kept in your back pocket or you can clip it to your belt loop.

  • CARABINER CLIP - Attaches to your belt loop or golf bag.

  • CLEANING - Highly absorbent, lightweight microfiber with lint-free yarns to remove dirt from grooves. Fast-drying, durable fabric. Wash and reuse often.

3. Frogger Golf Wet and Dry Amphibian Golf Towel

This multi-use golf towel from the Frogger Store is one of the top choices for golfers who prefer using a cotton golf towel.


  • Wet the inner layer of the towel to clean your clubs, then dry them on the outside

  • Carabiner clip attaches to any bag, and towel won't touch the ground when hanging

  • On rainy days the inside stays dry for hands and grips, while the outside cleans club heads

  • PGA Merchandise Show's "Best New Product"

  • Size: 14" x 14"

  • Material: Cotton

Golf Towel Gift Ideas For Women

Whether shopping for yourself or a gift, these funny golf towels for women would make a great choice!


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