Is A Par 3 Golf Course Good For Beginners?


Since par 3 golf courses consist of all par 3 holes, they are easier to play on which makes them great for beginner golfers. It’s common to also see more experienced golfers using them to fine-tune their skills.

Golf club bag on a par 3 golf course

What Is A Par 3 Golf Course?

If you are new to golf, a par 3 course is a great place to go where you can practice and improve your game since it’s made up of only par 3 holes. A par 3 hole means that an experienced golfer should be able to sink the ball on that hole in only three strokes. One golf swing to get to the green, and two putts to get the ball in the hole.

How Long Are The Holes?

A regular golf course can have holes that range anywhere from 100 yards long to more than 600 yards long with varying difficulties. A par 3 hole on a regular course is usually 210 yards or less, but when it’s specifically on a par 3 course, most of the holes are only 150 yards or less. Most par 3 golf courses only have 9 holes but some do have 18.

Benefits Of Playing Par 3 Courses

Here are some benefits for golfers playing on a par 3 course:

  • Plenty of opportunities to practice your short game

  • They take less time to play on

  • Great place to take the whole family golfing

  • Shorter walking distances

  • Less intimidating for beginners

  • A more challenging place to teach yourself golf than a driving range

  • Usually cheaper than a regular course

  • You only need to bring three or four golf clubs, such as a wedge, putter, and a pair of mid-irons

Par 3 Scoring

When keeping score, you have to know what certain golf terms mean. Let’s go over what each number score is called on a par 3 course.

A Score Of:

1 = Hole-In-One (Ace)

2 = Birdie

3 = Par

4 = Bogey

5 = Double Bogey

6 = Triple Bogey

What Do You Wear To A Par 3 Course?

It’s best to check with the golf course by either looking online or calling first, but most par 3 courses are going to have more of a casual golf attire dress code. Take the Halfpenny Green Golf Club for example.

It says on their website, “We do allow our customers to wear jeans (as long as they are not ripped) and collared T-shirts are more than welcome. We do not allow for persons wearing football shirts or tracksuits onto the main golf course, but you are welcome to wear that form of clothing on the Par 3 course and the driving range.

Is A Par 3 Golf Course And An Executive Golf Course The Same?

They can be but not always. Similar to a par 3, an executive course is shorter than most regular courses and has many par 3 holes. The difference is that it can also have a few longer holes, like par 4 or even par 5, for example.


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