The Best Online Golf Lessons (Free Trial)


When you start learning how to play golf, the internet can be a fantastic resource. Most people search for free videos to watch online and read informative articles on different golf websites. Then they’ll visit a driving range to practice hitting some golf balls.

When you’re new to the game, it can feel like there are so many things to learn. For example, learning what different golf shots there are and all of the rules to golf can get confusing.

Not to mention getting used to the golf lingo, since it feels kind of like you’re learning a new language. You can teach yourself golf if you have the time and patience, but getting some help will likely speed up the process.

Many newcomers are intimated at the idea of in-person professional lessons, especially since they can be expensive. Being a woman might further complicate those feelings since golf is a male-dominated sport.

It’s not easy finding golf lessons online for women. In this post, I will go over the details of a program that offers some of the best online golf lessons you can find, taught by professional golfers.

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Can You Learn Golf Online?

Yes, you absolutely can! Access to professional golf lessons has never been easier than it is today. You can learn right from the comfort of your own home with PGA and LPGA online golf instructors. Being able to learn from home is just one of the many benefits of golf.

Thousands of students have learned and improved their golf game with this online academy, and so can you. The best part is that you can try it out for free for 14 days to see if you like it first.

One of the things I love about this program is that it is taught simultaneously by two professional golfers, one male, and one female. It’s a great opportunity for a couple to learn the game together!

The Best Online Golf Academy

The Golf Farm’s virtual academy was created by two-time winner and 20-year PGA & Champions Tour veteran, Brian Henniger. This program offers you the best training, fundamentals, drills, and more, so you can learn how to play golf the right way. I have this course myself and can tell you it is packed with valuable information.

You have some options to choose from:

  • Training Only

  • Training + Education + Lessons (most popular)

  • Personal Training

  • Swing Analysis

Training Only - Includes on-demand interactive training content, over 250 follow-along moves and routines that you can stream on any device, including stretching, warm-up, and fitness.

Training, Education, & Lessons - Incudes all training level content plus educational and lesson content. 18-section curriculum of educational videos with breakdowns and picture studies of golf's best players. Understand and eliminate any miss, full swing, short game and putting drills, video summaries of student lessons, and behind-the-scenes access to the Golf Farm.

Swing Analysis - Includes a video summary of your strengths and weaknesses, complete analysis of your swing, plans for improvement, and follow-up.

Personal Training - Includes all three levels of the online academy with unlimited swing video submissions and replies. You’ll get an introductory goal review call and one 30-minute live training call per month. Personalized training plans, miss fixes, college recruiting consulting, and a plan to go forward.

Read more about the below the most popular option below.

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5 Reasons They Guarantee Your Success:

  • Taught by PGA & LPGA Tour coaches

  • Training is based on the fundamentals all the best players use

  • Lessons are fun and interactive

  • You’ll learn how to master the 10 parts of a golf swing

  • You can access your training anywhere, on any device, at any time

How It’s Set Up

If you choose their most popular program, it’s broken down into two sections, training and education. This is great for beginners since you start with the basic fundamentals.

What makes this course special is that all of the training is based on how the best golfers who play the game do it. Golf's greatest champions and tour stars share a set of similarities that anyone can train into their swing, regardless of how experienced or athletic you are.


This is where you use your clubs and various pieces of equipment in fun, follow-along routines to learn golf’s best fundamentals. Featuring interactive videos where you get up and learn different body movements by copying the trainers.

Videos Topics In This Section:

  • All Training

  • Body Only

  • Swiss Ball

  • Long Rod

  • Club Shaft

  • Split Grip

  • Club Face

  • Dumbbells

  • Speed Training


These videos teach you how to take what you’ve learned in the training section and apply it to the golf course. You’ll learn different motions, how to correct your misses, and how to have full control at all speeds.

Videos Topics In This Section:

  • Full Swing Fundamentals

  • Short Game & Putting

  • Fixing Misses

  • Speed

  • Ball Flight

  • Trackman Numbers

  • Strategy

  • Q & A

  • Tour Talks

About The Trainers

Brian and Amy are two of the best online golf instructors out there. They will teach you everything you need to get as good at golf as you possibly can, just like they have taught over 15,000 other students so far.

Here is the experience they bring to their training:


  • 2-Time winner and 20-year PGA & Champions Tour veteran

  • 54-Hole co-leader of 1995 Masters

  • 2-Time NCAA All-American at University of Southern California


  • 4-Time 1st-Team All Big West (UC Davis)

  • 2 LPGA-Tour starts (qualified)

  • 2-Time State Amateur Champion (Oregon)

Now that you have a good summary of what you’ll find in this online golf coaching program, take advantage of trying it out for free by clicking the link below and get a better idea of all that is offered. You’ll have access to so much more information than I can fit in this post.

If you prefer to learn at your own pace for less than what it costs to get in-person lessons, this is a great opportunity for you to learn how to play like a pro from professional golfers. If you don’t have any golf clubs of your own yet, check out my post with the best beginner clubs for women.


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Looking for more information? Another great site full of resources for women golfers is the LPGA (The Ladies Professional Golf Association).