Golf Swing Tips For Beginner Golfers


It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional golfer or just starting out, mastering any skill takes practice and determination. Golf requires coordination, flexibility, balance, and focus, among other things. In this post, we’ll go over golf swing tips that will help beginner golfers learn the basics.

Woman Swinging A Golf Club

What Is The Secret To A Good Golf Swing?

Golf Hall of Fame instructor Butch Harmon says: “You don’t have to have a perfect swing to play golf. The secret to playing golf is to get the clubface on the right path and square at impact. That’s it.”

How Do Beginners Practice Golf Swings?

Visiting a driving range to practice your swing, with or without an instructor, is a popular choice among new golfers. Since a par 3 golf course consists of only par 3 holes, it’s another great place for beginners to practice and improve their game.

You can learn golf on your own, pay for private lessons in person, or sign up for golf lessons online from the comfort of your own home. If you have the space, you can even set up your very own golf simulator and practice anytime you want to!

The Basics Of Swinging A Golf Club Are:

  1. Setup

  2. Takeaway

  3. Backswing

  4. Downswing

  5. Follow-Through

Elements Of A Golf Swing Setup


Having the correct golf stance will build a solid foundation for your swing. Proper ball position allows you to make contact with the ball at the right angle. Aiming correctly is key to success since one of the most basic golf rules is to get the ball in the hole in the least amount of strokes possible. Keeping the ball clean is also important.

Listen to PGA teaching professional Todd Kolb explain more and watch him demonstrate in the video below.


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Good posture is the secret to hitting the ball with consistency. It also helps you stay comfortable while setting your swing up for success.

Watch the video below where two-time PGA Teacher of the Year Adam Bazalgette shows you tips for the perfect golf swing setup and posture.



The grip is a golf term that refers to how you hold the golf club. A proper grip will allow you to hit the ball straight. It can also refer to the hollow piece of rubber that is located on the top portion of the shaft of the club.

Cleaning your golf club grip regularly will help to prevent it from feeling slick. Using a golf towel to wipe away moisture on the grip during a round of golf will help as well.

Watch former LPGA Tour Player and LPGA Teaching and Club Professional, Cindy Miller, explain how in the video below.



The takeaway starts as soon as you begin your golf swing. Begin with a sweeping motion where your shoulders, arms, and hands move together away from the golf ball. If you are right-handed, allow your left shoulder to turn under your chin. Keep your left arm straight until the club is waist-high.


The backswing starts immediately after the takeaway. This takes your club up to the top of your swing. If you are right-handed, keep your left arm straight while your right arm is bent at the top of the backswing and keep your left heel on the ground.

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After you reach the top of your swing position, you will begin your downswing. Start with your weight on the right side and shift your hips and weight slightly towards the target as you swing your golf club. Follow through with a flowing rotation of the lower body until you strike the ball.


A good follow-through will allow you the maximum amount of force and control to drive your ball to the target. Continuing through your swinging motion helps propel the ball forward so you can reach the golf club distance desired.

Now that we’ve gone over all of the steps on how to swing a golf club, listen to PGA Golf Coach Rick Shiels go over everything from start to finish in this easy-to-understand tutorial for beginners!


Playing a round of golf can take up a lot of energy, especially on a hot day. Many golfers save their energy to use on their golf swing by using a golf trolley to carry their golf bags for them. This way they can walk and enjoy the game without the heavy lifting!

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