What Is A Golf Driving Range Used For?


Merriam-Webster defines a driving range as: “an area equipped with distance markers, clubs, balls, and tees for practicing golf shots”. Simply put, a golf driving range is a place where players can go to practice their golf swing.

Anyone from amateur to professional level golfers can use them to practice either for fun or to improve their golf game. Many golf courses have driving ranges attached to them, including par 3 and executive courses. Golf ranges can be found as stand-alone facilities as well.

outdoor driving range

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There are indoor and outdoor ranges, some with real grass and some with artificial mats that look like turf. Some indoor ranges have golf simulators with electronic impact screens. A simulator works by analyzing data produced from your golf shot.

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Why Is It Called A Driving Range?

It’s called a driving range because golfers go there to practice their golf shots, which are usually drives. A drive is a long-distance shot that is meant to hit the ball down the fairway towards the green. Finding the best golf driver for beginners will help if you’re new to the game.

How Does A Driving Range Work?

If you are new to golf, a driving range is a nice place to go where you can practice and improve your game without any pressure. You can practice on your own or hire a professional golf instructor to help you. If you’ve been taking online golf lessons, this would be a great next step.

First, you have to purchase a bucket of balls. They usually come in small (30–50 balls), medium (50-80 balls), or large (80-150 balls). You can play using your own golf clubs or in most cases, you can borrow them from the facility.

Driving ranges sometimes use golf balls that are different from the ones used on a golf course. These are known as cheap “range balls” which usually have a harder cover to make them last longer. Because of this, they probably don’t comply with the rules of golf.

Next, choose your spot. Some outdoor golf ranges have shelters you can stand under. Others are wide open so make sure you plan ahead if it’s a sunny day.

There are usually distance markers and targets set up for you to try and hit. Balls are retrieved by a driver who rides around in a special cart with a cage to protect them from incoming balls. It has a brush and roller attachment that automatically picks them up.

Most outdoor ranges have large nets surrounding them so the balls don’t hit any cars or structures nearby.

When you’re finished, return the bucket to its designated area and any clubs you borrowed. That’s it!

What Do You Wear To A Golf Range?

Most public courses and stand-alone facilities offer a casual dress code. Choose clothes that fit well and allow you to move freely. If you’re going to a private golf course, make sure you check with them by looking online or calling to ask what would be considered appropriate golf attire.


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