Top 10 Women's Golf Tips For Beginners


Learning golf can seem like a daunting task for beginners considering there’s so much to learn and It’s hard to know where to start. Women golfers might feel especially intimidated since golf has historically been a male-dominated sport.

Tips for beginner golfers can vary depending on the focus of the advice. In this post, we’ll go over the top 10 women’s golf tips for beginners. These are the main things you should focus on in the beginning so you can have a plan and be on course to achieve your goals.

Top 10 Golf Tips For Women Who Are Just Getting Started

  1. Understand The Rules

  2. Learn The Lingo

  3. Choose The Right Clubs

  4. Shop For Proper Golf Attire

  5. Find A Buddy

  6. Teach Yourself The Basics

  7. Know Your Club Distances

  8. Decide Where To Practice

  9. Take Lessons If You’d Prefer

  10. Be Consistent

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Having a plan and sticking with a routine are important in many aspects of life. This works specifically for women who want to learn how to play golf so they don’t feel so overwhelmed.

Best Beginner Golf Tips For Ladies

1. Understand The Rules

It’s important to understand the basic rules of golf from the beginning. Golf is a game of integrity and honesty because the player is responsible for recognizing and recording when they step outside of the rules. That is why you should become familiar with the rules before you get started.


Basic Golf Rules For Beginners

2. Learn The Lingo

Many sports have their own vocabulary and golf is no exception. Understanding what players and instructors are saying will speed up the process of learning the game. There are regular golf terms, golf slang, and different golf sayings that are good to know. You can even learn a few golf jokes for some fun!


Golf Terms Every Beginner Golfer Should Know

Golf Slang Cheat Sheet: Learn The Lingo

19 Different Golf Sayings For Good Luck

3. Choose The Right Clubs

The USGA states you are not allowed to carry more than 14 clubs at a time on the golf course. Choosing the best beginner golf clubs for women is important to get started on the right foot.

If you want to get a decent golf score and improve your golf handicap when you’re a new player, using clubs that are easier to learn with is key. The best clubs for beginner women golfers are forgiving, lighter, and easier to hit.

Women’s golf clubs are made differently than men’s since our hands are typically smaller so we need a thinner grip. Also, women are typically shorter than men which is why our clubs can be up to two inches shorter than theirs.


Best Beginner Golf Clubs For Women In 2022

4. Shop For Proper Golf Attire

Dress codes for golfers can vary depending on the course you go to. Usually, the policies are more strict at courses that charge higher green fees. Even without a dress code, there is an unspoken etiquette and tradition to the game that should be respected.

Wearing comfortable and functional golf clothes will also help you achieve your best game. If you live somewhere with hot temperatures, lightweight and breathable fabrics are a must. The right women's golf clothes will allow you to move freely and stay comfortable while following the basic guidelines.


Proper Female Golf Attire On The Course

5. Find A Buddy

You can go it alone if you want to, but learning golf with a friend has benefits. You can hold each other accountable while practicing during a friendly competition. Golfing with someone will push you to do your best and make the process more enjoyable.

If you don’t have any friends who want to golf with you, odds are you’ll meet someone who will. Depending on where you golf, you might be paired up with other players and make some new friends!

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6. Teach Yourself The Basics

One of the most basic things you’ll need to learn is how to keep score in golf.

In addition to the other things already mentioned, you’ll want to become familiar with the different types of golf shots that there are. This will help you decide which club and golf swing to use to get your desired outcome.

There are many resources available that you can purchase or use for free to teach yourself golf. You can purchase home equipment or use free resources on the internet, there’s no shortage of YouTube videos and websites to choose from.

If you prefer to read books, there are plenty of options available at your local library. If you want to invest in home equipment, I have some suggestions on golf training aids.


A Beginner’s Guide On How To Teach Yourself Golf

7. Know Your Club Distances

If you want to avoid losing your ball or hitting it out of bounds, you’ll need to understand what the average women’s golf club distances are. These are just estimates but will help you keep your ball out of the water and increase your chances of getting a low score.


Average Golf Club Distances For Women Golfers

8. Decide Where To Practice

The good news is you can start practicing your golf swing and short game at home in your living room or backyard. Many golfers practice their long shots at a driving range.

When you are new to golf and ready to try an actual course, a par 3 course is a great place to start since it’s made up of only par 3 holes.


Teach Yourself Golf At Home

What Is A Golf Driving Range?

9. Take Lessons If You’d Prefer

If you want to learn the game as effectively and as efficiently as possible, you should get professional golf lessons.

There are several options available. You can attend a school, take virtual lessons, practice at a driving range with an instructor, or take lessons from a professional golfer at a course. Some golf clubs offer free lessons to members.


The Best Online Lessons From Professional Golfers

10. Work On Being Consistent

The key to getting a low score in golf is being able to predict where your ball will land after you hit it. The more consistent your swing, the easier this becomes. Take the time to practice as much as you can, even the most experienced golfers continue learning and that’s what makes them good at the game.

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