19 Different Golf Sayings For Good Luck


Golfers are usually pretty friendly and supportive which is one of the many benefits of playing golf. There is a positive atmosphere when you’re out on the course and it’s not uncommon for other players to wish you luck on your round. If you are wondering how to say good luck in golf, there are some unique golf sayings for good luck that I’ll go over with you in this post.

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19 Golf Phrases For Good Luck

  1. Good Luck

  2. Enjoy The 19th Hole

  3. Hit ‘Em Long And Straight

  4. May The Fores Be With You

  5. Play Well

  6. Swing Easy

  7. Only Birdies

  8. Have A Great Round

  9. Stay Out Of The Bunkers

  10. Keep It In The Fairway

  11. Enjoy Your Round

  12. Fairways And Greens

  13. Enjoy Yourself Out There

  14. May You Avoid The Rough

  15. Keep It In The Short Stuff

  16. Good Shooting

  17. Have Fun

  18. Don’t Throw Your Clubs

  19. Go Low

The only difference between these golf idioms and sayings is how they are being expressed. They are all things you can say to golfers to wish them luck but some are more funny or sarcastic than others. If you are newer to golf, some of these good luck phrases may seem a bit odd, so I’ll go into more detail for each one to help explain.

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Good Luck

This is the most straightforward and easy way of saying you hope a golfer plays well since you are simply saying good luck.

Enjoy The 19th Hole

The 19th hole is golf slang for a bar or restaurant on or near the golf course. Saying this is a friendly way of wishing a golfer an enjoyable round that they do well on.

Hit ‘Em Long And Straight

This is a way of telling a golfer you hope they hit the ball straight and it goes a long distance which would mean you hope they have a good round.

May The Fores Be With You

Fore is a golf term you would yell out if your ball was in danger of hitting or landing near another golfer. In the Star Wars movies, May the Force be with you is a way of saying good luck. This golf pun is a fun play on that by replacing Force with Fores so it applies to golfing instead.

Play Well

This is just how it sounds. Telling a golfer to play well is wishing them good luck by hoping they play a good round of golf.

Swing Easy

Mastering a consistent golf swing is difficult to do when learning how to play golf. When someone says swing easy, it’s a way of saying good luck by hoping their swing is effortless and easy to do.

Only Birdies

When keeping score in golf, a birdie is 1 stroke under par. If you can hit that on every hole, you would have a great score. That’s why telling someone to get only birdies is a way of saying good luck in golf.

Have A Great Round

A round means playing all 18 holes on a golf course. Telling someone to have a great round is just another way of offering a golfer good luck by telling them you hope they play well.

Stay Out Of The Bunkers

The basic rules of golf will tell you that a bunker is a man-made penalty area filled with sand. Landing your ball in one can result in penalties and they are difficult to hit from. This is why it would be good luck to stay out of the bunkers.

Keep It In The Fairway

The fairway is the area that runs between the tee box and the putting green of a golf hole. This is a way of saying good luck because when your ball stays on the fairway, it makes your next shot to the green much easier than it would be if it landed somewhere like on the rough, for example.

Enjoy Your Round

Similar to have a great round, this is a way of telling a golfer to do well and have fun during their round of golf.

Fairways And Greens

The green, also known as the putting green, is the smooth grassy area where the flagstick and hole are located. This is a way of telling a golfer you hope they hit their ball where it is supposed to go and wishing them luck on the course.

Enjoy Yourself Out There

Golf can be stressful and it’s easy to take it too seriously sometimes. Don’t forget you are still playing a game so in addition to trying to play well, make sure you enjoy yourself. If you’re new to playing, a par 3 course will help take some of the stress off since it’s a shorter golf course.

May You Avoid The Rough

This is a way of telling a golfer you hope they play well by avoiding the rough since this is the unkept area with taller grass outside of the fairway where it is usually difficult to hit the ball from.

Keep It In The Short Stuff

This is a way of saying you hope the ball stays on the fairway and the green so the golfer has a better chance at getting a good score.

Good Shooting

Hitting the golf ball is also called a golf shot. Good shooting means you are telling that person you hope they can get a good golf score by getting the ball in the hole in a low number of shots.

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Have Fun

Just as it sounds, having fun should be the priority since golf is one of the greatest games in the world! One of the most fun ways to play golf is through match play where the way you keep score is a bit different. The object is to win the most individual holes instead of calculating your overall score.

Don’t Throw Your Clubs

This is a sarcastic way of saying good luck because you’re basically saying: “I hope you don’t get a bad score that makes you upset enough to throw your golf clubs”. Lots of practice at home or the driving range will help you avoid wanting to do this since you’re likely to play better.

Go Low

Golf is different than most other sports since the object is to get as low of a score as possible. Telling someone to go low means you want them to get a great score.

I hope this post helped you with ideas on what to say to encourage a golfer!


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